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Find yourself inside your life

Life coaching with Ella Morgulis

"The antidote to burnout is not rest, it is fulfillment"

Meet Ella Morgulis

Certified Life Coach


Are you living your life guided by your choices?  Or are you driven by obligations?  

Are you listening to your heart? Or are you fulfilling other people’s expectations?  

Are you clear about what you want? Or are you distracted by who you think you need to be?  

Finding yourself inside your life can be challenging. I am here to help you navigate.  

Imagine what your life would be if you were liberated from the constraints of others’ expectations. I can help you break free.  

Imagine having the clarity to see and appreciate what you have and truly value: the blessings, the connections, the relationships. I am here to help you learn to see differently.

I will be there to support as you look at your life, question your stories, take inventory of what serves you, and create a new space for yourself.

I will help you find the way to…  

  • overcome challenges  

  • find fulfillment  

  • envision and create the future you desire. 

    I will meet you where you are. All you need is a willingness to be present – and do the work. 

    If you are not certain you’re ready, want to know more, have questions of any kind, contact me. 

    I am here for you. 

    I am ready to help. 

    Let’s get started.  


What we can do together

what we can do together

Examine your values

Define your


Identify your priorities

Create your plan

Stay the 


Ella guided me through the career changes helping me stay optimistic and focused.  She introduced me to the mindfulness practice which brought more balance to all aspects of my life. Ella’s supportive approach, active listening and enthusiasm made a big difference in my life. She is a coach I can trust.

- Lucinda H.

Ella is authentic and fully committed. I am grateful to have had Ella as my coach to guide me towards my stated goals and a more fulfilling life.

- Ariane P.

Ella's ability to listen intently and apply her coaching tools helped me navigate a challenging stage of my career, eventually arriving at a more fulfilling place in both my professional and personal life.

- David A.


Ella brings the best in people and she does it in the most empathetic, yet professional way. She helped me find and recognize my potential while staying authentic to my true self. Ella won't tell you what to do or not to do, on the other hand she will be alongside you in this journey, helping navigate difficult conversations and overcome thinking traps that may get in the way of your success. I love the way she approaches coaching, in her sessions there is no room for judgement but only active listening, high engagement, and true empathy.

- Serena P.

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