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Meet Ella Morgulis

Erickson certified professional life coach

After 20 years in Silicon Valley in technical and post-MBA business roles at start-ups and large companies I have turned my multi-year side passion for life coaching into a full time commitment. I work with individuals and offer coaching, facilitation and training services to corporate clients.

I started my coaching journey in the Erickson Coaching program in 2015 and began coaching while I was still employed by SAP. During that time I was fortunate to have the opportunity to use skills in conflict resolution and training facilitation while developing my coaching approach.


As a Life and Leadership Coach, I work with people going through transitions, both career-related and personal.  My clients may be planning or anticipating a transition such as a career change, retirement, or becoming an empty-nester. They may have found themselves thrown into the shifting landscape of divorce, layoff, or other unforeseen event.  In all cases they have come to realize the reality of change in their life, but are uncertain what steps to take to reflect their values and innermost desires.  


With an inspirational yet pragmatic and solution-focused approach, I guide my clients in creating a clear vision  of the life they’d like to have and support them in designing and executing a plan to make their vision a reality.  Partnering together, we take into account possible obstacles and adjust the plan along the way to stay focused on the end goal, while celebrating the achievement of milestones along the way.

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