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December 21 2021 10 am PT

How to Make 2022 a Year of Success and Happiness 

Develop a  positive mindset for energy,  enthusiasm, peace of mind, and fulfillment


Hosted by career2phases 

Join this workshop to learn the steps towards developing a positive mindset that brings self-empathy, energy,  enthusiasm, peace of mind,  and fulfillment to your everyday life causing drastic improvement in the quality of life, personal and professional relationships, and overall feelings.  


 In the world where, as described in this NYT article, people suffer from the negative effects of the big covid-related transition we are living through, we will look at some of the ways to apply a positive perspective for a shift that will let you feel empowered without any external changes.  


With lots of life circumstances out of our control and a feeling of overwhelmingness, one thing we can have control over is our mindset.  It makes all the difference! 


You have to do the work to change your mental habits, but the results are well worth the efforts required for this powerful mind shift.


In this workshop we look at  positive intelligence through a mental fitness  framework, and its principles and applications.  

We will learn how to discern negative voices in our mind,  detect their lies and convert negative thinking to positive.   

We will practice some of the basic tools allowing you to stay calm and focused in the middle of a crisis.  We will look into the details of the 6 weeks long mobile app supported mental bootcamp to get you started on building life long habits for happiness. 

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January 26 2022, 12 pm PT

For Entrepreneurs:  Mental Fitness for making 2022 a year of success and happiness

Hosted by BAEC

The entrepreneurial path is at once creative, invigorating, frustrating, and challenging. And yet, there is no other path both more rewarding! That said, Founders are faced with unknowns and tough decisions...daily.

To successfully navigate the ups and downs and accelerated pace of early stage startups, Mental Fitness is essential. Entrepreneurs who invest in their mental fitness are not only more effective and more successful, they are happier. That means, they’re able to bring passion and energy to their work while having fun and enjoying positive relationships with coworkers, family, and friends.

This workshop explores a positive intelligence approach to building mental fitness that allows entrepreneurs to face work and life with a positive mindset, staying focused and clear-headed even in the midst of the most challenging and stressful circumstances. Positive Intelligence and Mental fitness lead to higher performance, improved relationships, and an overall feeling of happiness.

In the workshop, we teach participants how to recognize and neutralize negative, self-limiting voices, and how to switch to a positive perspective. We will show them practical Mental Fitness tools they can use every day to build new mental habits that lead to increased effectiveness, performance, and happiness.

Participants will leave with a new awareness of the strength and power of positive perspective, they will know how to turn every circumstance into a gift and opportunity, and how to use practical tools to reduce stress and stay laser-focused.

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